So, here we are, in our new office, enjoying the much shorter commute and – for the first time in thirty years – the pleasure of not having to join the rush-hour throng to and from work.

Our relocation brings other benefits too.

Even though we are looking to expand the area within which we work (which is a pretty tall order considering we’ve sold properties as far afield as Carmarthenshire and Devon), we feel we have even more time to concentrate on getting our marketing right.

And much of this extra time will be focussed on video.

We already produce property films (otherwise known as “virtual tours”) – shaky at first, but now a lot more professional with the use of a gimbal – and now we are looking to add village/area descriptions to our regular portfolio.

But would you prefer to have a newsdesk-style report on how the property market is faring?

Let us know what floats your boat and we will do our best to make our new website work for you.