I am often asked by potential vendors what they need to do to their properties to maximise the appeal.

And, know what? I often answer that natural light is the key.

Light brings joy to a room; it provides an increased sense of space; it makes your home seem happy.

Dark rooms, to some people, might feel intimate, but I think to the vast majority they come across as gloomy, depressing, perhaps because of humans’ innate fear of the dark…?

So, here is my advice:

Open all the curtains for viewings, wash the windows inside and out (including the frames), dust/polish the sills, and – sorry – cut down that bush/tree outside that stops the sunlight getting into your home.

Oh. And if you have nets, for goodness’ sake get rid of them.

I hope to add more tips, gathered during 40+ years of selling properties, over the coming days, weeks, months, so please keep checking in for more ways to make your home as saleable as it can be.